Excuse me, I had beans!

I crack myself up while driving through road construction in this latest update-filled episode of Leslea.

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Updates on:

life stuff;

Miss Fitz Discovers Midlife Magic, a Paranormal Women’s Fiction Cozy Mystery;

The Kitchen Witch’s Guide to the New Weird (and who might enjoy a book like this);

An Honest Woman audiobook narrated by Eileen Smith (and a bit of history about the Western US during the Great Depression). Westerners, Native Americans, Irish, British, and Gangster rodeo thugs! Oh, my!

One of the chonky boys I got to visit today. He’s a lover!

Cover reveal, coming soon!

Miss Fitz Discovers Midlife Magic by Red Tash is a paranormal women’s fiction cozy mystery, and it’s coming soon!

I’ve got the cover, I’ve got the book, and I’ll be setting it up to pre-order just as soon as is humanly possible.

Here’s a little sneak peek…

If you want to see the whole thing, make sure you’re on the email list! Red Tash email list subscribers will be getting the first peek in a few days when the pre-order goes live!

I’m super psyched about this book and hope you will be, too.

If you loved Practical Magic and are a cozy mystery fan, I really think you’ll enjoy it.

My Life as a Kitchen Witch goes WIDE

So, over the weekend, I realized the wrong version of My Life as a Kitchen Witch got updated on Amazon previously. I apologize! If you purchased it via Amazon Kindle, please email them for an updated version. Some typos have been corrected (oops!).

Also, the ebook has been released wide, so it’s available now on Apple iBooks, nook, Kobo, etc. It should be available at libraries soon, as well.

Click here for Amazon edition

Click here for every other place else ebooks are sold

The latest

I was going to send my first edition of the new, improved reader newsletter today, but promotions, publisher stuff, etc., forced me to schedule it for June 14. However, it’s all set up and ready to go, and this month’s maiden voyage will be touting new release info about my Smart Girls Gone Country series, the Montana Brides #1 & 2. Spoiler alert: there will be freebies and things on sale. There’s a link at the top of this website to sign up for the newsletter if you don’t want to miss out, so if you know someone who enjoys sweet, clean romance, and adventure romance set in the barely-tamed Rockies, then you’ve got time to send them a head’s up.

What else is new…? Well, here at Planet Tash it has been a crazy few weeks. Seamus had prom. I’ve been working on three books at once, which is downright luxurious after juggling four. Tim enjoyed a lot of antics messing with his Elon Musk Tower of Babel project, but hopefully he will fill you in on that soon.

Seamus’ graduation came and went, and I got some photos of him in his cap and gown. He decided not to walk with this class due to anxiety, and as a student who only learned his had Autism Spectrum Disorder three years ago, I have to say, it shows a lot of growth and maturity to handle it the way he did. No shame in this game! He has a few credits to finish up online before he can pick up his diploma, and he is already knocking out so much work! We’re super thrilled for him and I am so thankful for the support and cooperation we received from Floyd Central High School.

Seamus, class of 2021!

The other kiddos have been working on enjoying their summer vacation. I can hear our daughter practicing the harp as I type this (SO much better than any other student instrument!). It won’t be long before summer camps start up for the two youngest. They didn’t get to go last year due to the pandemic, so I’m sure this summer is going to be extra special! Our youngest son is spending time with his father right now and we sure miss him.

The oldest boy has moved into our basement, trading rooms with one of his brothers, and making him the third and likely final “basement dweller” in the family. Tim and I are scoping out real estate in Brown County, Indiana, and pondering a move to Nashville, which means we are also making a to do list for this house about a mile long. It will be some time before we list it officially for sale.

We have trips planned for Nashville and Bloomington coming up soon. Miss those parts. Looking forward to moving back “home” in the next few years. Funny how your heart knows when it is time. Who knows, maybe I’ll even finish up the sequel to This Brilliant Darkness when I’m back in the area.

My current work in progress is set in Brown County, so…why not? I have a feeling inspiration will abound, and soon. Just waiting on cover art, then I can set a release date for book one in my Miss Fitz series (a paranormal women’s fiction mystery series).

Top 100 new release status!

Feeling pretty good about this rank, especially considering book one came out seven years ago. In today’s writing/publishing world, it might as well have been 700 years ago! I’m sure no one even remembers who I am in the Western romance world. Hopefully this will jog their memories.

The latest from Leslea!

Friends! It has been a very productive week for yours, truly.

On the 11th, the audiobook of The Rancher Takes a Wife, Montana Brides #1, launched on Audible. I wrote this book years ago, and like all writers, I look back at my earlier work and realize just how much I have grown as an author. Having said that, I remain proud to present this book as a historical romance that is sweet, clean, and safe for the whole family to listen to together. There are bad guys, villains, and cads, for sure, but Chastity and Carl find each other in the changing world of Prohibition era New York City, and then, again, in Wedlock, Montana, where life holds an entirely different set of struggles. The amazing Eileen Smith did such a great job narrating, I was motivated to finish editing Jessica’s story, the next book in the series!

Today, An Honest Woman, Montana Brides #2, is live on Amazon.com. It’s in the Kindle Unlimited program for now, so it’s free to borrow if you are enrolled in that money-saving option. Eventually it will go wide release, but it’s an Amazon exclusive until at least August, 2021. I haven’t set it up as a paperback just yet, but that’s on my to do list. As soon as it is possible, I’m going to be hiring Eileen to narrate this one, as well, so if you are an audiobook fan, keep it in your list!

Personally, it feels like a huge accomplishment that I was able to turn this draft into a finished book so quickly, after all this time off from it. I feel like a winner, just for finishing. I hope you enjoy the book.

What else is new…we are off today to chauffeur kids to parties, and our senior and his friend will be attending the Prom for the first time. Pretty big deal, huh? Despite our busy schedule, Tim is currently loading equipment and a stepladder for the latest in his Starlink futzing.

Update: Yes, he managed to drop the dish on his own head shortly after this post went live..