Privacy Policy

  • What information about visitors we collect:
    • If you sign up for our email list, we collect a name, an email address, and your subjes on cts of interest (Red Tash, Leslea Tash, Tim Tash, or all us Tashes).
  • How we obtain this information:
    • You give it to us through a sign up form via an email service (i.e. Mailchimp), or through an opt-in promotion (i.e. Booksweeps)
  • The reason for requesting personal information:
    • To contact you regarding promotions, site news, new releases, podcasts, contests, freebies, etc.
  • How we store and protect information we have collected:
    • We use extremely secure passwords for our accounts on email servers, website hosts, etc. We research service providers and only use reputable companies as hosts.
  • This policy is up to date as of 8/11/2021.
    • Any future updates to the policy will be posted here in a timely fashion.
  • Who has access to your information?
    • We currently subscribe to MailChimp, BookFunnel, Booksweeps, WordPress, and

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