About Us

Hi. Welcome to our website.

We’re Tim and Leslea Tash (aka author Red Tash). You may know us from our previous podcast Treehouse Time, from our written works, from the neighborhood, some online game, or who knows where!

Tim works full time for a healthcare network, and Leslea juggles mom responsibilities with freelance work and writing fiction and non-fiction. We have an eBay store, too, because we love antiquing and sharing our finds.

With four kids, four dogs, four cats and chickens–not to mention acres of trees looming over our country cottage, we keep very, very busy.

We launched this website in November of 2020 as a way to tie together our internet presences. You should be able to find links to all of our work here on this website. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a line.

Books by Leslea Tash

Books by Red Tash

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