AMP=Always Morrissey Playing

Not really! Not really.

I don’t hate Morrissey, but I’ve never been a huge fan.

Enter AMP. I’ve played and listened to more Morrissey lately than I ever would have dreamed. And it’s fun!

But it’s optional. All Morrissey/Smiths is/are optional. Phew.

Today I did my first show in several days, and had a nice intimate crowd of listeners join me. So much fun, truly.

I love music, but over the years it has gotten harder and harder to carve out time just to enjoy it. Now, thanks to AMP, I’m making time to not only play old favorites, but to discover new (and new to me) artists. It is lovely, and although I don’t think of myself as super social, when it comes to talking about music with other AMPers, it’s effortless.

Feelin’ happy, post-show. πŸ™‚ I’d love for you to join me sometime. I don’t have a regular schedule, but if you follow me, you’ll get a notification when I go live. (And I do try to schedule shows in advance when I can.)

If you want to join me on my next show, download the app and follow me (@leslea).

If you can’t run the app on your phone right now (sorry, Androids), then you can still listen through your Alexa app or Echo device by telling it to play my show. (Alexa pronounces my name “Les-lah” because she’s dumb, so my listeners tell me they typically use the title of my show…for instance, today’s show was “Back on the Chain Gang,” so they said, “Alexa, play Back on the Chain Gang on AMP.”) Whew! Hope that wasn’t too taxing to figure out.

On your iphone, it’s just click and play, no sweat. There’s even a chat where you can socialize with other listeners.

In other work news, spent the time between songs working on the ebook/audiobook script of Witchy Wanda Season One. The first three episodes are free on Kindle Vella, and sometimes Vella gives away coins, so you should check it out if you like 1960s ghost stories and urban legends.

Today was a very productive work day. I also got two chapters of Miss Fitz book 1 recorded for the audiobook. It’s a slow process because there are only so many hours a day I can speak before I feel like “Enough of my own voice, already!”

But that’s how it is right now. Editing and voicing things. And vibing to the music.

Catch ya on the flippity jibbit.

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