Late summer news

I know, I remember when mid-August was still the height of summer, too. I miss those days. My kids have been back to school for a couple of weeks now, which means even if I beg them to go swimming with me, they’re going to refuse on the basis of “Summer is over, Mom!”

(“But not technically,” Mom replies, her voice falling on deaf ears. “Labor Day’s not ’til September…”)

So, what’s a Mom to do?

Well, this Mom is trying to sell the Treehouse, so chaos rules around here. Tim and I have to drop what we’re doing and herd cats–literally. I wrote about this in the latest newsletter–if you didn’t get it, go look in your spam folder. I’ll wait. Not there? Sign up here.

Now that you’re back, we can “oooh” and “ahhh” over some inspirational artwork I included in that email:

These pieces are for and from a Kindle Vella series I’m working on about a Brown County witch in the 1960s. I shan’t say more.

But I will say this: you may have noticed in the newsletter that I asked for reviewers at NetGalley for the second novel in my Miss Fitz at Midlife series. I’m still taking requests there through the end of August, but I’ve also opened up some review opportunities via BookSprout, as well. In total, I’ve got three novels and one non-fiction audiobook available for free, IF YOU WILL REVIEW IT.

I know, I know, these uppity upstart authory uppy-ups are always asking for reviews. Who do these authors think they are??

We struggle, dear reader. Even those touched by the golden sceptor of Big Publishing are forced to grovel and beg for the only thing that sells books besides a perfect cover: reviews. The computers that run the internet just don’t recommend your book to new readers until those who have already read it come back and bless it.

So, if you want to read and be part of the blessing/annointing of these latest witchy books, here’s a BookSprout link. The NetGalley link is in the newsletter. This opportunity is slipping by like what’s left of August. Dive in and splash around while you can, y’all. Everything currently free won’t be, come fall.

And do watch for Witchy Wanda. (Say that three times fast.)

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