I have instructed Tim to not buy me any journals for Christmas. Not only have I recently acquired a Kitchen Witchery Journal, but I also have two upcycled children’s book journals (Nancy Drew & Heidi), one awesome notebook of cats doing self-care, and a great black cat notebook on my desk. Upstairs, I have a poetry journal and a diary. There are more journals lying around, but I’m not even going to focus on them, because the truth is, I also have copies of all the latest Planet Tash journals.

What’s that? Planet Tash journals? Yes, indeedy.

This project started with a Love journal based on the popular watercolor made by the youngest Tash. Everyone really seems to love its cheerful rainbow vibe, so we put it on the cover of a blank journal, and she gets the profits. (So far nearly $5!) It is earmarked for more art supplies, but I think she’s going to end up spending it on shoes. Who can blame her? Shoes!

Regardless, I’m going to start uploading a bullet journal version of the love journal. Everything else about it will remain the same (matte cover, 156 pages, 7×10 white pages)

I had some other doodles and designs on hand that I turned into journals, as well. Some of them were graphic art pieces and photos I’ve taken over the years, and others were just ideas that popped into my head. Everything is available as a blank lined books. Bullet journals will be coming as soon as I get them uploaded.

I’ll be frank: I’m really focused on finishing up Miss Fitz 2’s first draft right now, so if you want more info on Planet Tash journals, check them out here:


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