Journals & Mistakes & Updates

Gorgeous day out there today! I’m going to try to get Mr. Tash & the fam to visit the local festival with me for some outdoor, socially-distanced fun!

I was snagged by another Instagram ad today. This time, it was an herb journal on Etsy. How could I say no? Just too damned beautiful. Now to wait for it to ship…

If you have previously downloaded My Life as a Kitchen Witch, make sure and download the update! There is additional content, including a sneak peek of the new Kitchen Witch non-fiction witchy book! (The update has only gone live to Amazon, so far.)

Hope your holiday weekend is wrapping up nicely. I thought I would sneak in some work this morning, and, I was updating the previous version of My Life As a Kitchen Witch on Amazon…I don’t know WHAT I did, but somehow I royally goofed up the formatting on the title page. Therefore, it shall no longer bear the grimoire graphic!

Let’s all take a moment of silence in remembrance of the Grimoire with the eye, reminiscent of Hocus Pocus‘ Sanderson Sister’s Book…

It’s alright, loves. This version of the book will return in The New Weird, coming September 30! We shall meet again, BOOKIE!

And speaking of journals and books and new books and whatnot, yes, that’s a pre-order link above. Go snag The Kitchen Witch’s Guide to the New Weird so you wake up with it on launch day! It has dozens of journaling prompts about this new life we’re all experiencing together post-Covid.

Did you know I used to teach journaling classes? I did. And I have some rules for journaling. The first rule of journaling is:


Also, don’t talk about Fight Club.

But, I digress.

If you survived the pandemic, I think you will enjoy this upcoming book. It’s out to betas right now and I will be looking through my Secret Updates from Red Tash Facebook group for volunteers to join the ARC team (who post reviews of the book on launch day).

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