Emma Jameson on Miss Fitz!

My friend, NYT and USA Today best-selling author Emma Jameson was instrumentally helpful while I was rewriting Miss Fitz. I’ll be frank: she really saved my ass with her insights! That lady really knows her craft!

Here’s what she has to say about my new #pwf #cozymystery series:

I loved this book. Melissa Fitzpatrick (Miss Fitz) is a sleuth I can relate to and root for. Her world is both perfectly plain and transcendently whimsical; love, family, and friendship are rock-solid, yet wreathed in tendrils of fantasy as light as air. And there are recipes, because Miss Fitz rocks in the kitchen, just like her creator, Red Tash. In short: read this charming mystery, try a recipe or two, and join me in happy anticipation of more books in the series. ~Emma Jameson, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Can you EVEN? I just keep re-reading this. It gives me super duper warm fuzzies.

While you’re waiting for Miss Fitz to debut, why not go check out one of Emma’s thoroughly enjoyable mysteries? I’m really loving her new Jem Jago series, but I’m also partial to Dr. Bones (Magic of Cornwall)! If you are an anglophile or an Acorn TV subscriber like me, you will NOT be disappointed!

This is the cover image of Salma, one of Miss Fitz’s besties! Isn’t she lovely?

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