The latest from Leslea!

Friends! It has been a very productive week for yours, truly.

On the 11th, the audiobook of The Rancher Takes a Wife, Montana Brides #1, launched on Audible. I wrote this book years ago, and like all writers, I look back at my earlier work and realize just how much I have grown as an author. Having said that, I remain proud to present this book as a historical romance that is sweet, clean, and safe for the whole family to listen to together. There are bad guys, villains, and cads, for sure, but Chastity and Carl find each other in the changing world of Prohibition era New York City, and then, again, in Wedlock, Montana, where life holds an entirely different set of struggles. The amazing Eileen Smith did such a great job narrating, I was motivated to finish editing Jessica’s story, the next book in the series!

Today, An Honest Woman, Montana Brides #2, is live on It’s in the Kindle Unlimited program for now, so it’s free to borrow if you are enrolled in that money-saving option. Eventually it will go wide release, but it’s an Amazon exclusive until at least August, 2021. I haven’t set it up as a paperback just yet, but that’s on my to do list. As soon as it is possible, I’m going to be hiring Eileen to narrate this one, as well, so if you are an audiobook fan, keep it in your list!

Personally, it feels like a huge accomplishment that I was able to turn this draft into a finished book so quickly, after all this time off from it. I feel like a winner, just for finishing. I hope you enjoy the book.

What else is new…we are off today to chauffeur kids to parties, and our senior and his friend will be attending the Prom for the first time. Pretty big deal, huh? Despite our busy schedule, Tim is currently loading equipment and a stepladder for the latest in his Starlink futzing.

Update: Yes, he managed to drop the dish on his own head shortly after this post went live..

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