Latest Leslea podcast links!

If you listened to my latest podcast (only on Spotify bc I used a Whitney Houston Bodyguard Soundtrack song), then thank you for that. You must really love me to listen to all that ranting. #autismmomlief

Here are the links I promised:

MAGICAL MIDLIFE MADNESS first three books free for limited time. If they’re no longer free when you find this link, I suggest checking them out from Kindle Unlimited. Even if you have to pay $10 for a month, that’s still cheaper than buying all the books, which you will certainly read in less than a month!

The big Kewpie auction! Tell your friends!

All these Kewpies! In one auction lot! Grab these little cuties!

Last but not least, ELVEN ASSASSIN, which kicked my ass this week! Like, wow! My right arm literally quivered for four days after my marathon play session. If you are up for playing a co-op session, look for BettyWight and /or BonFnJovi

Tim and I are watching Resident Alien now, and he’s been experimenting with StarLink (the new Elon Musk internet thingie). Hopefully he will be recording a new episode of Coffee & Aliens soon!

As for me, I’m doing resin crafts with the Geeg today, and then…it’s a Miss Fitz marathon. Hoping to have the beta-reader draft ready to give to friends tomorrow, as I have a D&D online date with two of them!

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