Guided meditation silliness

So, Tim’s not the only one with a podcast. I started recording one VERY casually on about a year ago. It’s more like an audio blog than anything else. I log in, spout off, and post.

Yesterday I was considering recording an earnest relaxation guided meditation, because I listen to them a lot. I thought, perhaps, I could try and DIY one. I found some music I liked, found an outline, and thought, Well, I’ll just let this marinate.

But first, I thought, maybe I should practice. So I fired up my Audacity program and started recording, for practice’s sake. This is what came out:

Inauguration Eve relaxation guided meditation Pre-Biden Post-Trump Bye Bye Wind down for SWEET SWEET DREAMS

And now I’m not sure I’m really cut out to do FOR REAL guided meditations.

Oh, well.

Leslea on Anchor

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